Adult Leaders

Troop 97 is proud to be a truly “boy led” troop. Our senior scouts lead the way in virtually every event and meeting. Yet no unit can exist in scouting without the solid support of dedicated adults who are there to guide the boys when needed and to provide the necessary oversight to make the unit a success.

As our troop has grown in size, we are fortunate to have many wonderful adults who have shown a willingness to step up and ensure that Troop 97 continues to be an outstanding unit.

The Scoutmaster is the adult most associated with the troop’s overall program success. Troop 97 has had a history of excellent, engaged scouters who have dedicated their time and energy to making our program the best possible experience for our scouts. The Scoutmaster is aided by as many Assistant Scoutmasters as needed to provide adult leadership at all scouting events.

The Troop Committee guides the behind the scenes business of running the troop. Led by the Troop Committee Chair, these adults provide invaluable aid in making sure the troop is funded adequately, has all necessary equipment, and keeps track of the finances, advancement, training and other assorted tasks.

Scoutmaster Corps:

Troop 97 Scoutmaster

Jim Olson

Assistant Scoutmasters:

Dana Amendola – Historical Trips
Bob Welsome – First Aid
Ernie Vallebuona – Merit Badges / Backpacking
Steve Dubner – Cooking / Backpacking
Jose Gregori – Community Service / Camping
Jeff Hutt – Patrols
Tom Carey – Instructors / Hiking
Doug Albrecht – STEM
Tierney Gavin – Hiking / Backpacking
Jim Calabro – Cooking / Camping
Don Price – Nature / Leave No Trace
Billy Fay – Physical / Cooking
Edgar Rodriguez – Adult Quartermaster
Paul DeVita
Brad Roth
Nunzio DeGregorio
Rafael Gonzalez
Ken Grosso

College Reserve Scouters:

John Parrott
Michael Parrott
Peter Zollinger

Troop Committee:

Committee Chair

Brian Colton

Senior Committee Member

Linda Parrott – Eagle Process Advisor

Committee Members

Todd Steingart – Treasurer, Photographer
Allison Steingart – Hospitality
Tina Roth – Hospitality
Michelle Eng – Secretary
Dianne Hutt – Liason to KRB
Charlene Matteson – Eagle Advancement Coordinator
Beatrice Mattaway – Advancement Coordinator
Dave Ridge – Eagle Process Advisor
Sara Donohue – Medicals
Eric Zweigbaum – Medicals, Photographer, Training
Lynn Schnalzer – Publicity, Chaplain
Sarita Thomas – Publicity, Fundraising
Jen McPhee – Troop Gear Coordinator
Denise Green – Swap Items Coordinator
Angela Barry – Fundraising – Popcorn
John Zollinger -Liason to Germonds Church
Dan Weisberg -Troop Committee Advisor
Marilyn Oswald – New Member Coordinator (home: 845-358-4705,

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