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Directions provided here are to some of our more common activity locations and are from New City. For complete directions and more information you may visit the links on this page.

Street Community Center (go to site)

  • Main Street north past Old Route 304.
  • Main Street becomes Zukor Road.
  • Street School will be on the left hand side of the road.

Camp Alpine (go to site)

  • Palisades Parkway south to Exit 3.
  • At light cross over Route 9W into Camp entrance.

Camp Bullowa (go to site)

  • Palisades Parkway north to Exit 15 (Gate Hill Road).
  • Left at end of ramp onto Gate Hill Road (CR 106) which is also Route 210.
  • Turn left onto CR 108 (Old Route 210) (Watch for small BSA Camp Bullowa direction signs).
  • At stop sign continue across intersection (which turns into Wayne Avenue)
  • At fork in road bear right onto CR 111.
  • At the 4-way stop sign, turn left onto Franck Road.
  • Camp entrance will be on right.

Camp NoBeBoSco (go to site)

  • Palisades Parkway (from Exit 10), south to New York State Thruway north, to Exit 15.
  • Route 287 (towards Morristown) to Route 80 west.
  • Exit 12 (Blairstown); bear right off the exit (follow signs to Blairstown).
  • Turn left on Rt. 94 South, at the first traffic light, make a right, continue straight and up hill.
  • At Stop sign make a sharp right turn then a left turn onto Millbrook Rd.
  • Continue on Millbrook Rd for approximately 4.5 miles, watch for signs to YMCA Camp Mason
  • Turn right onto Birch Ridge Rd.
  • Pass Camp Mason and turn left onto Shannon Rd.
  • Continue on Shannon Rd, watch for a lake on the right side.
  • After the lake make sharp left onto Sand Pond Rd.
  • Camp entrance will be right.

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