All About Knots

From the Scout rank all the way through Eagle, there is one thing every boy scout must know. Knots, Knots and Knots!

In Troop 97, your knowledge of knots will constantly be tested, and you will be expected to remember knots you learn at each rank advancement. These knots will form the foundation for other scouting skills, such as lashings.

Specific Knots:

Big Knots

The Core Knots

  • Square knot
  • Two half-hitch knot
  • Taut-line hitch knot
  • Timber hitch knot
  • Clove hitch knot
  • Bowline knot
  • Square lashing
  • Sheer lashing
  • Diagonal lashing

There are many other knots to learn, some which are very useful, such as the bowline, and some that are just plain fun, like the monkey’s fist. The sites we recommend will lead you to instructions and animations for just about every knot you can think of.

Have a great knot site that we haven’t listed? Pass it along and we will put up a link to the site.

Knot Links

Animated Knots
Great animated links for scouting & other knots.

Scouting the Net
A site with knot-related links.

Folsom Knot Page
Another great knot page, many with animations.

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