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A Thank You From the Mattaway's and McPhee's

WOW, team, What a beautiful success our ECOH was!! We can't thank you enough for all your support and help in making our Wyatt & Ryan’s ECOH so successful. You helped make the day truly special for all of us.

While Wyatt McPhee and Ryan Mattaway acknowledged and thanked all the countless people that helped them reach the milestone of Eagle Scout, the McMattaphee families want to take a moment to THANK everyone who helped the Eagle Court of Honor possible.

Thank you for all the emails and text with well wishes and to everyone who was able to attend the ceremony. We all have extremely busy lives and especially at the end of the school year, many competing events call out to us. It was truly meaningful to have you be a part of this celebration of Wyatt & Ryan. Thank you!

We thank Matthew Frank for sending out all the announcements and reminders for folks to RSVP and attend our ECOH. Thank you!

We want to give a special shout-out to Moria Ruane, Randi Colton, Sarita Thomas & Michelle Eng for so beautifully plating and wrapping up all those individual cheese, cracker & fruit plates, arranging the cookies, cupcakes and drinks, and totally taking care of all Hospitality needs so that we could focus on the ceremony fully. Thank you!

We want to thank the behind-the-scenes team of Tina Ross, Brian Colton and Shauna Butler & Linda Parrott for getting all the certificates, awards and special guests etc. etc. that make up a bulk of the ECOH ceremony. Thank you!

We want to thank our districts one and only awesome Dreammaker, Dan Pitiger. Your participation at an ECOH truly takes it to such a high level. We know that this year, especially, has you running all over the place, with so many ECOH to attend. We know that you can't be in two places at once and thus, cannot attend every ECOH you are invited to, so we count ourselves extremely lucky that you were able to attend ours. Thank you.

We want to thank Dana Amendola, not only for your beautiful presentation of the Eagle Head Bone Slide, but for the beautiful stories you shared that truly added such a personal richness to the ceremony. Your presence is always deeply appreciated, Dana. Thank you!

We want to thank Eric Zweigbaum for taking all the photos. Thank you!

We thank Scout Master Jim Olson for writing the script and getting together a great team of scouts to make the day possible. We thank you for the personal stories you shared about Ryan & Wyatt that not only got YOU choked up but brought some moisture to many eyes. Thank you!

We want to especially acknowledge and thank the amazing Scouts of Troop 97, not only for showing up and supporting your fellow scout's highest achievement, but for helping out with the setup, both up front and in the kitchen. For running such a meaningful event with great respect and maturity. Our escorts, Jacob Colton, Dallas Grosso and Ethan Zwiegbaum. The dignified color guard, expertly lead by Jack McTasney, to each scout who spoke, and especially to our wonderful new Senior Patrol Leader Ryan Butler, who not only ran the ECOH but MC ‘d it so skillfully leading the days event. Thank you!

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