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An Eagle Has Landed:Gio Grosso

On Saturday, June 15, 2024, Gio Grosso sat for his Final Eagle Board and was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout!  He was escorted by Mr. Poholsky.

Gio spoke about his project where he refurbished and updated the outdoor classroom at Woodglen Elementary School. He remembers enjoying having class out there years ago and, even back then, thinking how great it would be if there were desks so students can work on a variety of tasks. His passion for his project showed as he recalled his elementary school days while showing off pictures of his project, all with a big smile. Gio told the Eagle Board that he appreciated what he took away from the Personal Management Merit Badge, as it was a good layout for how to manage his project and become more organized over time. Gio described that through Scouting he learned important aspects of leadership, like delegating tasks to others, and keeping track of everything for his Eagle Project in his workbook. He shared with the Eagle Board that he was able to successfully implement these leadership skills into his position as Captain of the Robotics Team. He is now beginning to see how these leadership skills are useful to many settings.

Gio reflected on his leadership roles as Patrol Leader, Den Chief, Troop Guide, and Scribe. He learned, mostly from letting his patrol box get moldy, that the most important thing in leadership is to “not neglect your duties…make a list” and take care of those items. Gio shared memories of his favorite trips, mainly Camp NOBE in his early years and Mt. Cardigan, which was one of his first trips. Gio spoke about how he connects with being helpful the most from all the points of the Scout Law, and that came across in his work as Den Chief and Troop Guide.

Gio shared that his favorite Merit Badges were Scuba and Snow Sports as a snowboarder. This is in line with his advice to new scouts to have fun. He also recommends they plan out their requirement path along the way, and go on a lot of camping trips, which were also some of Gio’s favorite times. Gio plans on attending college for a career in Robotics, and looks forward to exploring the different engineering fields until he has to decide what to focus on. Gio says that “Scouts gave me a lot”   

Please join me in congratulating Gio for achieving this milestone!

Mr. Poholsky

Scoutmaster Troop 97

New City, NY

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