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An Eagle Has Landed: Jake Bilotta

On Saturday, November 18, 2023, Jake Bilotta sat for his Final Eagle Board and was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout! He was escorted by Mr. Olson.

Jake spoke about his project where he built and stained new benches at St. Anthony’s Parish for an outside area. He energetically led friends, family, and scouts in removing old materials, and setting up multiple building stations where benches were assembled and stained. The board was impressed with the amount of work that was put into Jake’s project, and how he described finding his leadership style during the process. Jake spoke openly and honestly about his leadership roles and recalled how he felt accepted in Scouts. This acceptance was a driving force for him to always want to make others feel accepted, especially the younger scouts who enter the troop. Jake passionately expressed how his experiences in Scouts shaped him into the leader he is today, and that he will always want to help people “no matter what”. He sees his future endeavors as a way to

accomplish this goal. Jake has fond memories of camporees and competitions at Bullowa, spending time with his Troop 97 friends, and meeting scouts from other troops. His favorite was the Fort Ticonderoga historical trip.

Please join me in congratulating Jake for achieving this milestone!

Mr. Poholsky

Scoutmaster Troop 97

New City, NY

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