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An Eagle Has Landed: Nico Cavalluzzi

Updated: Mar 29

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, Nico Cavalluzzi sat for his Final Eagle Board and was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout!  He was escorted by Mr. Olson.

Nico spoke about his project where he created a park map sign and installed six large ecosystem sign panels at West Nyack Park. He demonstrated leadership skills by coordinating with the town and the troop to plan and carry out his vision. Nico reflected to the Eagle Board in a thoughtful and meaningful way on his experiences during his project and throughout his scouting career from Tiger to Eagle. Nico reminisced over coming up in the troop, and finding his place among the older scouts who were in leadership roles. He remembers getting to hang out with older friends as a middle schooler, and learning cool skits like eggs. Nico shared growth experiences of becoming a Patrol Leader and navigating leadership in the troop during the Covid 19 shutdown. 

Nico spoke openly and honestly about the virtues and values of Scouting. He articulated how they play a role in all aspects of his life. He shared the importance of living the Scout Oath and Law because it should be infused in who we are. 

Nico's plans for becoming an aerospace engineer was a spirited conversation with the board. He also talked fondly about his High Adventure trip to Philmont Scout Ranch and how the experience was a highlight of his scouting career. He remembered the camaraderie and how it taught him to enjoy being in those moments. And his legacy of the milk will forever be left at Philmont. Another favorite was the Schooner trip, where he realized what great opportunities scouting allowed him. His advice for new scouts is “once you let yourself become part of scouting, then you have to let scouting become a part of you”. 

Please join me in congratulating Nico for achieving this milestone!

Mr. Poholsky

Scoutmaster Troop 97

New City, NY

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