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An Eagle Has Landed: Ryan Olson

On Saturday, October 21, 2023, Ryan Olson sat for his Final Eagle Board and was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout! He was escorted by Mr. Gonzalez.

Ryan spoke eloquently about his Eagle Scout Project where he installed posts and direction/mile-marker signs at Congers Lake. He wanted patrons to be able to track their mileage and remain oriented while they visited the park. He also detailed his scouting career by sharing his enjoyment of trips to

Mt. Cardigan, Philmont, and Sea Base. Ryan spoke about his younger days where he looked up to older scouts and always knew he wanted to be an Eagle. He recounted what he learned from his leadership positions, including becoming a better speaker both publicly and with adults, and how he was able to lead his fellow scouts during his fundraiser and workdays. His growth, leadership, and joy of Scouting shined through as he spoke about his experiences in Troop 97 and how he followed his dream to Eagle.

Please join me in congratulating Ryan for achieving this milestone!

Mr. Poholsky

Scoutmaster Troop 97

New City, NY

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