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An Eagle Has Landed: Zack Lounsbury

On Saturday, October 21, 2023, Zack Lounsbury sat for his Final Eagle Board and was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout! He was escorted by Mr. Olson.

Zack explained his Eagle Scout Project at COPS Barn, in which he led fellow scouts in building and posting a frame with a new sign. This sign would be visible as guests enter the facility, and acts as a centerpiece for the entryway. Zack spoke about his time in Scouts and reflected

on his growth throughout his leadership positions which include Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Den Chief, and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. His favorite trip while in Troop 97 was the historical trip to Fort Ticonderoga, where he got to experience the food of the Revolutionary War era and musket firing. Zack’s highlight was reenacting battles with his friends. Zack shared his desire to work with younger scouts in the troop, and make them feel welcome like older scouts did for him. He tells Scouts to have fun no matter what you’re doing.

Please join me in congratulating Zack for achieving this milestone!

Mr. Poholsky

Scoutmaster Troop 97

New City, NY

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