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Camp No-Be Update #3: Midweek Testing

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Mid Week Covid-19 Testing Details

Who Needs to Be Tested?

  • Unvaccinated- A negative COVID-19 PCR test must be acquired within 72 hours prior to arrival at camp. After 3 days at camp a mid-week COVID-19 test will be performed during your stay. Unvaccinated staff will be tested weekly. There is no cost for the mid-week test at camp.

  • Fully Vaccinated- No pre-camp or during camp COVID Testing is required. A copy of your vaccination card must be provided with your COVID Pre-Screening form. Fully vaccinated means 14 days since the last shot of the required shots for your vaccine type.

  • Recently Recovered from COVID- Those with a doctor’s note stating that they have had and recovered from laboratory confirmed COVID-19 within the last 90 days are exempted from pre and during camp COVID-19 testing.

  • For Staff- The same requirements apply, and unvaccinated staff will be tested weekly with everyone else taking the mid-week test.

Pre-Arrival Testing

It is the responsibility of the participant or staff member to arrange for and complete the pre-arrival test within 72 hours prior to arrival at camp and to bring a copy of the test results to camp. A negative test result is required for admittance.

Mid-Week Testing

The mid-week testing has been arranged for by the council with Atlantic Health Services.

  • Atlantic Health will send a mobile testing truck with trained staff to collect the samples to the camp location.

Adult Supervision During the Mid-Week Test

  • No-Be-Bo-Sco will arrange for 2 registered adult BSA Members to be present for all the tests with a combination of camp staff and unit leaders.

Type of Test

  • PCR Lower Nostril Test.

  • This is the much less invasive version of the test. In simple terms this is the tickle the nostril test not the poke the brain test.

Is there a Mid-Week Testing Cost?

No. There is no cost. For those with health insurance the testing cost is covered by insurance. If an individual does not have health insurance the testing cost is covered by the CARES Act.

Mid-Week Testing Day

  • No-Be-Bo-Sco: Wednesday

Forms and Paperwork For the Mid-Week Test

  • Atlantic Health Services Consent Form- the consent form from Atlantic Health is required to perform the test. A parent or guardian must sign for those under 18.

  • Test Sample Requisition Form- Fill out completely for the test. For those with insurance attach a copy of the health insurance card. For those without health insurance write “No Insurance. Use CARES Act” on the form.

  • Health Insurance Card- We always ask for a copy of the health insurance card with the BSA medical form. This year please make an additional copy of your health insurance card to go with the Test Sample Requisition Form.

  • Do not send forms ahead of time. Bring them to camp and keep a copy at home.

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