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Camp Nobe Update #1

There are less than 3 weeks until Summer camp at NoBeBoSco! Here is some information and items that need to be completed to be prepared for camp.

There will be 2 scouts to a tent this year. All scouts should send their tent mate requests to Mr. Gonzalez by email at

All scouts should see Mr Olson at a meeting to discuss their merit badge choices or email at and copy Mr. Gonzalez. Due to the complexities and time requirements some merit badges require prerequisites. Be sure to look at the merit badge time schedule and prerequisites; keep this in mind when choosing your merit badges to avoid conflicts. If you are unsure what merit badges to take, please speak to Mr. Olson who can help you choose the best badges for you to work to earn at camp.

Scouts who are attending summer camp for the first time and are not yet 1st Class will be taking part in First Class Adventure, which will introduce them to summer camp life and allow them to work on advancement requirements.

Any scouts (including 1st Class Adventure scouts) going on the camp 5 mile hike (or other hikes) must bring hiking boots and hiking socks, refillable water bottle(s) (i.e.: Nalglene bottle), personal first aid kit and a day pack (no string bags).

Scouts who are Star rank and attending NoBeBoSco for their fourth summer (or more) have the option of taking the Trail to Eagle program at camp. If you are eligible and interested, speak to Mr. Olson.

There is a NEW Trading Post at camp where scouts can purchase candy, soda, slushies, ice cream, and Scout supplies. Some merit badges require purchasing items at the trading post, check the prerequisites. Typically, a Scout brings about $40 for the week.

Medications should be in the original, labeled containers. See the NOBE medicine form that should be with the medication your scout is bringing to camp. Part B of the BSA medical form must be filled out listing any medication the scout needs to take. At the end of the week, parents are responsible for picking up any medications.

Carpools should be set prior to the day of departure. We will meet at the Park and Ride on Middletown Road (by PIP exit 10) New City at 10:30 AM on Sunday, July 3rd.

Pick up at camp is Saturday, July 9th at 9:00 AM. There will be a camp closing ceremony our Scouts participate in.

No Scout may leave camp until they are formally dismissed by the Troop 97 SPL.

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