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Camp NoBeBoSco Mid-Week Update

It's time for a midweek update. All the scouts are doing very well in their merit badges. The scouts are enjoying the milkshakes and soft ice cream in the brand new trading post! Our older scouts have been a great help showing the younger scouts around camp and helping with merit badges. The new scouts have jumped in and are now old hands at the camp routine.

The troop had the largest number of scouts in camp attend the Polar Bear plunge before breakfast on Tuesday morning! See the picture above for some wet sleepy scouts.

On Monday night when the new scout campfire was happening our older scouts were competing in the scout games on the parade field.

We did have some rain come through, but the scouts know the safety procedures. They had plenty of advance notice and all took shelter in the cabins and dining hall and were all safe and waited out the storm.

All the scouts are looking forward to another great day tomorrow and I'm sure there will be more stories to tell on Saturday. See you then!

Jim Olson

Scoutmaster Troop 97

More pictures on the Troop Facebook page. Join by going to the Troop website and clicking on the link to join. Email Matthew Frank for help.

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