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Happy Mother's Day!

Before you knew it, your sons were growing up and Scouting with a Troop had begun. There were the meetings each week which started with the search for the neckerchief as your scout ran out the door yelling ‘Don’t make me late!’.

There were trips to buy food for a camping trip along with the teaching about budgets and shopping lists. Then days before the big trip there is the flurry of excitement searching for new boots when the old ones had been out grown.

There are conversations about clothing when the scout tries to walk out the door to go backpacking in March wearing shorts. (you knew he would use the long pants that were slipped into his pack). And while the scout was out camping at night with his friends in the cold, there was someone at home worrying and thinking about him.

At the Court of Honor, you are filled with pride at all your scout’s accomplishments, and then there are ranks and leadership patches to sew on the uniform as well as those merit badges (whose ideas was it to make these so darn small??).

There is the return from summer camp where you listened to the endless stories of fun and excitement as well as disbelief that someone (not MY son) drank an extra large milkshake from the trading post everyday before dinner. When the tales quieted down, you opened the trunk and started the loads of wash that needed to be run.

The scout gathered awards and achievements, hiked and camped, turned into a speaker and a leader. The day came when swelled with pride he earned and received his Eagle Scout Award.

This scout is your son. Some have just started their Scouting journey and others are nearing the end of the trail. Without your love and support, Mom, this would be a very different Scouting adventure. Your encouragement and guidance has made a change in your scout’s life and, even unspoken, your love and help is always appreciated by him.

The message to all the scouts is that today is the day for you to take care of your Mother. Remember how much your Mom does for you. You should tell her how much she means to you and how grateful you are for her love and support.

From all the Scout sons, Thank You Mom! We love you very much!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mr. Olson, Scoutmaster

Troop 97, New City, NY

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