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Support for Layla and the So Family

Good Evening Everyone,

One of the members of our 97 Family, Layla So (Troop 97G Patrol Leader and Pack 46 Den Chief) is hospitalized. Her mom, Rizlene So, served as an assistant scoutmaster for both Troops 97B and 97G, as well as a Webelos leader for Pack 46. Layla’s brother Ben, is an Eagle Scout from Troop 97B.

A brain tumor was discovered while checking Layla at the ER for GI symptoms and headaches which had been bothering her for a while, and got suddenly worse. Layla underwent a procedure last Tuesday and brain surgery to remove the tumor last Friday. The surgery itself was successful. However, there were some complications on Sunday. The decision was made to keep Layla sedated a little longer to allow her brain and body to recover. She remains in the hospital under sedation, in the pediatric ICU.

Troop 97G is coordinating support for Layla and her family. They are traveling to Westchester daily to be with Layla. Sarita Thomas is collecting funds to purchase gas, grocery and restaurant gift cards. An account/”tab” has also been established at 2 local restaurants in Pearl River, where the family resides: Munno’s and Luigi O’Grady’s. We also established a Meal Train account to provide meals to the family. The application will help us to better coordinate our efforts. It also offers options to purchase gift cards for GrubHub, DoorDash and other delivery and restaurant gift cards - in lieu of cooking a meal. After speaking with Rizlene, the plan is to have meals, either home cooked or purchased, brought to the family or delivered twice a week - on Mondays and Fridays. The family doesn’t have any dietary restrictions and are okay eating different kinds of cuisine. The following is the name of some of the restaurants and kinds of food they like:

Luigi O’Grady’s, Munno’s, Satir’s Palace (Indian Cuisine)


*There is also a Panera Bread in the lobby of the hospital.

**Link to the Meal Train App

That is everything we have solid plans for right now in order to support the family. You have the option of making a monetary donation to the family on the Meal Train app as well. A fundraising goal for Layla and her family will be set once she is awake and they have a better sense of what her recovery plan will be.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this email. I know it was lengthy, but we wanted you to have a clear picture of the situation and share the details Rizlene has provided. Thank you to Doris Sanchez for establishing the account/tab at Luigi O’Grady’s. Thank you in advance to you all for however you intend to support Layla and her family. Please join us as we continue to pray for Layla’s full recovery and for strength for the entire family. If you have any questions, please contact Sarita Thomas, Tina Roth or Patty Zollinger.


Sarita Thomas Tina Roth Patty Zollinger

Advancement Chair Committee Chair Scoutmaster

ASM - Troop 97G Troop 97 Troop 97G


Randi Colton informed us that Layla’s karate dojo, The Academy of Martial Arts, is planning a run on Saturday. We know that 97B has a camping trip planned. If any one is not attending the trip, the scouts and families are invited to run at the track of Tappan Zee High School at 7:30am for Layla. She was scheduled to test for her black belt on Sunday, December 4th. One of the requirements is to do a run. The dojo is doing this run on her behalf as she will miss the opportunity to do so herself. As of now, it is not a fundraiser, but it is a gesture in solidarity with the family and for Layla. Scouts who are able to participate are asked to wear their Class B shirts or a black shirt. There is no pre-registration required.

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