Camp Nobe Blast #2

Camp NoBeBoSco Update and Reminders Parents, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY: The troop will be meeting Sunday, July 3rd at 10:30am at the park and ride lot on Middletown Road by Exit 10 of the Palisades Parkway (349 North Middletown Road, Nanuet, NY). Please come prepared to drive your son to camp. Scouts should be in Class B uniform. We will do a health check and collect any late paperwork. We expect to be in-route by 11:00am and we will meet again about 1 hour away at the Dunkin’ (484 Hope Blairstown Rd, Hope, NJ 07844) right off Exit 12 off Route 80 to eat lunch. If you are not at the park and ride, we will meet you at this location. All Scouts and leaders should pack a lunch. Our first meal at camp is dinner. Be advised – The location where we stop for lunch only has a Dunkin’ ; It is suggested to bring a bag lunch with you!

The camp address is 11 Sand Pond Road, Blairstown NJ, 07828, if you do not have GPS, printing directions in advance is strongly encouraged. The gates do not open until 1pm. Scouts carry their own gear into the campsite from the parking lot as no cars are allowed into the site.

If your son is bringing ANY medication to camp, you must print and complete the camp's authorization to dispense medications form (As per one of the updates, the form is on the Troop website). Bring this form along with the medications in the original, labeled, containers. The medication section on Part B of the BSA Medical form must also be filled out.

Scouts should leave cell phones at home. The NNJC camp staff will confiscate any cell phones used by a Scout anywhere in camp. This is a camp policy and troop leaders have no discretion on this even with our own sons. The cell phone is also a needless contributor to home sickness so your cooperation is appreciated.

Uniforms: Every Scout is expected to be in full Class A when appropriate. Much of the day is spent in "Class B" but for evening flags and dinner and the class A shirt and official pants or shorts (at least olive drab) is a must. Class A also means Troop 97 ORANGE neckerchiefs.

Remember to bring hiking boots; sneakers are fine as the extra pair of camp shoes but not as primary footwear. You might go on a hike through some rough terrain and all programs go in any weather. Feet need to stay dry. REVIEW the packing list on the Troop website!

Pickup is Saturday, July 9th - parents should arrive no later than 9:00am.

Please do not arrive at camp on Saturday for pick up later than 9:00am. At this time, you will be allowed into the campsite or the edge of the parade field for closing ceremony. Please do not cross the field or interrupt the closing ceremonies. Saturday morning breakdown is a hectic time for us with much to do and parent cooperation is key to smooth and timely departure for all. Parents are responsible for picking up any medications.

All Troop Scouts will leave camp together upon dismissal by the Senior Patrol Leader.

Scouts: Only a week until Summer camp at NoBeBoSco, and we are ready to go! Merit badge choices will be reviewed Sunday night and blue cards will be handed out Monday morning. Do not forget to check for MB prerequisites. If you need them, the list is on the Troop website. Send any questions to (and copy another adult).

Don’t forget you can bring board games (like chess), Frisbees, soccer balls and footballs! Bring a packable chair for use in the campsite and at MB classes. Check the packing list on the Troop website under Troop Info.

Bring several face masks with you! Masks might be needed to be worn inside any buildings (like the Trading Post), entering the dining hall and at the campfire area. No buffs or bandannas are to be used.

REVIEW the packing list on the Troop website!

First Class Adventure will help new scouts acclimate to camp life and work on advancement requirements. The scouts will be going on a 5 mile hike and must bring hiking boots, refillable water bottle(s) (ie: Nalglene bottle), day pack (no string bags) and a small first aid kit. The construction of the NEW Trading Post has been completed and it is open for businesses this year!