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Camp NobeBosco Update #2 Testing Procedures, Mask Procedures & Refund Policy

Covid and Testing Protocols

After being closed in 2020 because of the COVID-19 Pandemic we are excited to be going back to our Summer Camp Programs in 2021 at Camp NoBeBoSco. But, with the continuing concern of COVID-19, there will obviously be practices implemented to mitigate as much as possible the risk of COVID.

Below you will find what the what the state/county will be requiring for you and everyone else to have a safe and fun summer at the specific camps you will be attending. The camp does expect more changes to the states requirements before summer camp starts. We will communicate those changes as they come to us. The camp is committed to meeting the requirements in place when we arrive at camp. Please read ALL of the requirements below including screening, temperature checks, mask requirements, and testing requirements.

Please note that "Fully Vaccinated" means you are at least 14 days past the last shot of your specific vaccine type (1 or 2 shot vaccine.)


Staff and Campers must complete the COVID Screening form included with the BSA Medical Form along with a copy of their health insurance card and the signed waiver for sunscreen and insect repellant.


Temps will be taken upon arrival when your screening form is collected. Those with temps over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed in camp. Travel- Units providing group travel to their campers must take temperatures before departure and review the COVID screening forms. Any participants that do not pass the screening should not accompany the unit to camp. Including checking for required pre-arrival COVID test results or copies of vaccination cards.

Mask Requirements

Unvaccinated- Unvaccinated staff and campers must wear a mask while indoors except when impracticable like when eating or drinking. Unvaccinated staff and campers are encouraged to wear masks when outside and in crowded areas. Vaccinated- Vaccinated staff and campers are not required to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. Aquatic Activities- Masks are NOT allowed to be worn while in the water participating in aquatics activities.

COVID Testing Requirements

Fully Vaccinated- A copy of your vaccination status must be provided with your COVID Pre-Screening form. No pre-camp, during camp or post camp COVID Testing is required. Unvaccinated- A negative COVID-19 PCR test must be acquired within 72 hours prior to arrival at camp. After 3 days at camp another COVID-19 test will be performed at camp. Unvaccinated staff will be tested weekly. There is no cost for the mid-week test at camp. Recently Recovered from COVID- Those with a doctor’s note stating that they have had and recovered from laboratory confirmed COVID-19 within the last 90 days are exempted from pre and during camp COVID-19 testing.


It is highly encouraged that those eligible for the vaccine get it prior to attendance at camp but it is not required for either campers or staff.


Campers will sleep head to toe in their tent with their tent mate with 6 feet between their heads. Those uncomfortable with 2 people in a tent may bring their own.

Refund Policy

If you are not comfortable with your child being tested to attend summer camp the refund policy is as follows.

A written request via email or letter must be sent to Marissa Sikder ( no later than June 30, 2021, to receive a full refund of moneys paid.

After June 30, 2021, the camp's traditional refund policy will resume.

There is a non-refundable cancellation fee of $100 for each registered participant per session. After June 30th, refunds are issued for valid medical or mourning reasons only. All refund requests must be made in writing no later than August 31, 2021, after which, NO requests will be considered.

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