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Flag Retirement Ceremony: May 1st

Scouts will be retiring tattered and worn American Flags that Troop 97 has collected over time. The flag retirement ceremony will be performed using Ethan Zweigbaum’s Eagle Scout fire pit at the American Legion Hall in Pomona.

Arrival is at 10:00 am at the American Legion, 20 Station Road, in Pomona on May 1st.

Full Class A uniforms, (shirts, pants, shoes, neckerchief)

This is an opportunity to demonstrate Scout Spirt and show respect for the US Flag, as we retire the flags that are no longer serviceable.

Participation will fulfill some requirements for Tenderfoot and 2nd class. This is also a time for older scouts to demonstrate leadership as they lead the ceremony.

Please contact Mr. Albrecht (cell: 845 709 9429) with questions.

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